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which hair color is rt for you?

For anyone looking to enhance their hair color or change it entirely, a hair color chart is definitely a useful tool for determining which one of the many shades to choose.

A hair color chart shows tones from blonde to black and makes it easier to find a color in a particular range and its possible appearance on hair strands. The majority of charts provides many options for each of the main colors and in cool, warm, and neutral tones. Pics of hair color are helpful, however photoshop and the use of filters has made it impossible to know the actual results.

the first step in choosing the ideal hair color is determining the "look you desire to achieve

trends are a major consideration when determining the color to changes. It is important to understand the maintenance associated with changing hair color, as well as the tone of one's skin along with the color of the eyes.

skin tone and hair color

determining skin tone is crucial in selecting the direction to proceed when coloring. The first step in doing so is establishing the skin undertones the colorist is working with. In doing so, determining weather the undertones are neutral, warm or cool sets forth the visual direction. 

determining skin tone can be tricky, when looking to choose the ideal hair color...

when determining under tones, it is important to consider several factors as the background may cause a bit of a shift. Things such as garments, current hair color, make up are some of those factors. Often times a good look at the color of one's blood veins is helpful. When in doubt it is wise to use colored boards and observe the tones shift. There are no hard set rules here. 

understanding depth in
hair color

how light or how dark should your hair color be?

...weather opting for Garnier at home or salon care, choosing depth in hair color is very important. We determine natural level of the virgin hair and proceed from there. In general, staying within two levels of the natural color is ideal. If a lighter overall looks is the aim, then it is best achieved by addition of highlights. This recommendation is true for most, there are however exceptions. Know that a large gap will mean more frequent visits to the salon. In the case of going very light this can also be harsh to the hair follicle, rendering lack of luster and visible damage. 

Beautiful hair is healthy hair that shines. I have witnessed beautiful results with maintaining natural levels, with a shift in tonality along with added strategically placed highlights, toned to compliment the eye color versus the more drastic shifts in depth. the choice remains within, however a natural glow and depth is far more alluring than say the overly oxidized look.

with all the above statements, the skin tone has the last word with respect to choosing the depth of hair color. For those who wear make up this should be a consideration, as make up changes everything. Hair color for natural hair is in my view one of the best choices for most women.

hair color placement comes into play when various depths are being used to create certain effect. For example: when choosing a medium brown as a base and weaving light brown sections to create certain effects.

hair color placement

such technique is effective to balance out any asymmetry within the facial structure, eye shape etc... This approach is also used to bring features into focus. I have found the use of complimentary hues a efficient way to make the color of the eyes more alive and to add spark. This works well for women who do not use eye make up for instance to enhance the natural hue of their eyes. Be cautious of online hair color and highlighting kits as these could spell out color corrective, an extensive and arduous process.

maintaining hair color at home

now that you have made the investment, maintaining hair color at home is the most important factor to keep into consideration. Using ph balanced shampoos and conditioners is key. Ammonium free color lines tend to be very gentle for instance. Using excessive heat, and swimming in chlorinated water is is another issue with respect to hair color maintenance.

there are many brand names of hair colors to choose from ... each have certain characteristics and the formulation varies as do the results. be cautious of black hair colors, these must be removed from the hair through a corrective process. When using a red hair color chart, understand that red fades the most and the fastest.